Elevate your grill game with this unique take on an American classic.


1 package of hot dogs (beef, turkey, meatless, you name it!) 

1 package of hot dog buns 

AAJI's Spicy Galic Lonsa - or whichever Lonsa you prefer!

Homemade yogurt sauce

(Optional) Crushed salt and vinegar potato chips


Cook your hotdogs however you'd like. We love tossing ours on the grill for those beautiful grill marks.

Make a homemade yogurt sauce by mixing Greek yogurt or strained plain yogurt with salt and lime to taste. 

Top your hotdog and buns with Aaji's Spicy Garlic Lonsa and homemade yogurt sauce and enjoy! 

Optional, add crushed salt and vinegar chips for some added texture. 

always small batch, always with love

always small batch, always with love