Our Story, Your Table


Our family had a deep desire to pursue something with meaning and purpose, something that focused on what is important to us, and that something is sharing the food that’s meant so much to our family — on so many levels.

We call our grandmother Aaji. Whether you call them Nonna, Abuela, Bubbe, Oma, Halmoni, Mom-mom — these are the matriarchs of love in the family. Our Aajis are the heart and soul of our family and the reason our brand exists. We want to bring joy to tables everywhere with our cooking like our Aajis have done for us.

With every recipe is a story, with every taste is a tale, and with every meal is a moment to remember. The smells, the flavors, the love connect us with our past. And Aaji’s is creating that connection for you and yours.

rajus, today's aaji
& poorva
two aajis are
better than

so simple so savory

Rooted in the food and flavors of coastal India and our Aajis’ kitchens, our classic foods transcend distance and time to bring us all together. These are the ingredients of our family and Tomato Lonsa.

nourishing our legacy

Food is a vital part of our family’s past and our future.

always small batch, always with love